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World Physiotherapy Day 2021


The human body is elementary to hurt and break, especially while participating in strenuous physical activities like sports or athletics.

Physical therapists restore lost or injured functionality by clinical methods, teaching healthy habits, and reclaiming lost or damaged functionality. As a result, Physical Therapy Day is dedicated to these professionals worldwide to honor their commitment to keeping us all fighting fit.

Why World PT Day matters in 2021

The 8th of September was declared World Physical Therapy Day in 1996. World Physiotherapy was created on this date in 1951.

The day celebrates the global physiotherapy community’s togetherness and solidarity. In addition, it’s an opportunity to honor physiotherapists’ contributions to their patients and communities. World Physiotherapy hopes to support member organizations to promote the profession and enhance their skills by focusing on World PT Day.

According to reports from throughout the world, World PT Day activities have a beneficial impact on the profession’s profile and standing with the public and policymakers.

Many World Physiotherapy member organizations already have national physiotherapy days, weeks, and months in place. Organizations that do not have their dedicated day, on the other hand, frequently use September 8.

World PT Day is on the 8th of September. Are you ready?

World Physical Therapy Day is a chance for physiotherapists worldwide to promote awareness about the critical role they play in keeping people healthy, mobile, and independent.

This year’s subject will be rehabilitation and COVID-19, which will be in our thoughts for months and years to come. Our profession is in a unique position to rise to the occasion and assist our most vulnerable citizens in regaining their freedom and quality of life in ways we have never seen before. Although COVID-19 weariness is typical at this point, and the prospect of viewing and generating more resources is tiring, here is our chance to step up to the plate.

World Physical Therapy Day 2021: History

The World Physical Therapy Organization (WCPT) declared September 8th as World Physical Therapy Day in 1996. WCPT was founded on this date in 1951. Not only is September 8th recognised as World Physical Therapy Day, but it is also the 45th anniversary of the founding of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy.

The day celebrates the global physical therapy community’s togetherness and solidarity. In addition, it’s an occasion to honor physical therapists for the work they perform for their patients and the community.

Physical therapy is a non-invasive treatment that assists people in achieving, maintaining, and restoring their optimum range of motion and physical function.

Physical therapy can aid in the recovery of an accident, the relief of pain, the prevention of future injuries, and the management of a chronic condition.

From the initial diagnosis to the restorative and preventive stages of rehabilitation, a physical therapist assists patients.

Physical therapy can help you deal with the underlying issues causing your pain if you have an accident or chronic pain. It can not only relieve discomfort, but can also assist you in making necessary changes to avoid future issues.

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