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It is a new wearable biofeedback device that can track patient's activity during a physiotherapy session.

Pheezee measures two important body vitals - muscle activity (sEMG) and joint angle (ROM) and performs analytics using proprietary algorithms to generate assessment reports.

Pheezee can be used by physiotherapist or any trained personnel.

1.Pheezee manual 2. Pheezee Modules: upper & lower 3. Adhesive Electrodes 4. Charging cable 5. Extension Straps 6. EMG cable

Pheezee device works with an android app that can be installed in a mobile or a tablet.

No. Pheezee is not an electric stimulator. It is an assessment device which monitors and tracks recovery of physiotherapy patients. To know more about the product, book a virtual demo by filling the form here.

You can get Pheezee assessments done by nearby Pheezee therapist. After the detailed assessment is done, therapist will share the report either whatsapp/ email/ print format.

Yes. At Startoon Labs, we follow international standards in building our products. We follow highly secured server to store patients’ data and reports.

Yes, the Pheezee app requires internet to function without any interruption.

With one charge, battery lasts around a week.

Pheezee comes with charging cable. It takes an hour to completely charge the battery.

Pheezee is proven to be 97% accurate. You can read more about our product in our resource page here.


Movements of Shoulder, Elbow, Forearm, Wrist, Hip, Knee, Ankle, and Thoracic and Lumbar spine regions are included in Pheezee assessments.

Pheezee provides sEMG values of muscle activity in the units of microvolts.

Yes. Pheezee is a non-invasive device which measures surface EMG device using adhesive electrodes.

Pheezee has surface EMG which is applicable on all the superficial muscles. It cannot be used for deep muscles.

Pheezee can be used for any orthopaedic, neurological and spinal cord injury related issues. If you are looking for any specific clinical condition, please reach out to our research team by filling the form here.

Yes, Pheezee is a bio feedback feature which motivates patients while performing exercises. Also, quantifies the assessment and shares in the form of reports.

It is advised not to use Pheezee in patients with active implantations like infusion pumps, cardiac implants such as pacemakers, defibrillators. It is also not advised on terminally ill patients, patients on ventilator support etc. Please find more details on user guide or reach out to our team by filling the form here.

No, the device cannot be used on fingers.

No, the device cannot be used on neck muscles.


You can reach out to nearby Pheezee therapist. Alternatively, you can book for an assessment by filling the form here.

Please contact our team by filling the form here. Our sales team will get back to you with details.

Yes. We provide EMI option for the payment. Please contact our team by filling the form here. Our sales team will get back to you with details.

Yes. The warranty is for 12 months period.

Any standard adhesive available in a nearby medical store is suitable to use with Pheezee. You can also reach out to us on sales@startoonlabs.com for a pack of electrodes.

Yes. Please contact us on 7207326609

If you are a physiotherapist and own a clinic or do home visits, you can be a Pheezee therapist. Please reach out to us by filling the form here. Our business team will reach out to you with details.