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How to track your Joint Health with Pheezee



TRACKING YOUR JOINT HEALTH WITH PHEEZEE a blog around tracking joint health and showing 

How often have we faced joint pain and ignored it by applying medicine or taking a painkiller? We usually never track those problems until they seriously hamper our daily activities. Pain and discomfort in joints might indicate an underlying joint problem that might have occurred due to our daily activities, accidents/injuries, or aging problems.

Joint problems generally cause sharp/severe pain or dull/achy pain. It might also cause stiffness, limited range of motion, and swelling over the joint. Fractures/accidents might cause deformities too. During these conditions, it is essential to track our joint health to have a more accessible and effective way to recover.



Pheezee is a device that can track ROM and EMG to produce charts and graphs, effectively tracking joint health by updating the records in its mobile app. ROM (Range of Motion) tracking measures the extent to which the affected part of the body can be moved and compares it with normative value. Maintaining a regular record shows the development with an accuracy of 1⁰. EMG tracking helps in analyzing muscle strength, tracking recovery, and getting a scientific report of the development.



Pheezee is suitable for a lot of orthopaedic surgeries which includes Total Hip Replacement, Total Knee Replacement, Shoulder Joint Replacement, Total Elbow Replacement, Wrist Joint Replacement, ACL Surgery, and many more. It can also be used to assist physiotherapy for conditions like Arthritis, Lupus, Bursitis, Tendinitis, Sprains and Strains.

For instance, for an ACL surgery, Pheezee will be used in pre operative stage to record ROM of Flexion and Extension of both good and bad side to generate a report. Post operation, Pheezee will be used on an interval of one-week upto 8 weeks to record the developments in patient. In each of the report generated, Pheezee will compare the values of the affected leg with the good leg which can show a clear path of recovery. Also, Pheezee will set goals based on normative values to access the current recovery status.



While traditional methods use intuition and the doctor’s skills to measure the recovery, Pheezee uses scientific data-based methods to measure the developments. It also measures the EMG of the particular muscle that is targeted, as compared to traditional methods where development is calculated as a whole for the specific part of the body. This feature helps determine the exact routine needed to work on that particular muscle. Moreover, all the data collected is directly transferred to an app on mobile/tablet. The app then records the data and compares it with subsequent tests to show the recovery.

Showing the results of joint health tracking in a mobile app can be a powerful motivator. By seeing the progress over time, the patient can stay motivated to continue making positive changes and take pride in the improvements. Pheezee app also includes features such as charts and graphs that make it easy to visualize progress and see how far the patient has come.

Every minor pain in a muscle/joint might not be a cause to worry, but a regular check of muscle strength and joint movement can help us track our joint health. Being busy in our daily life with significantly less focus on joint health, Pheezee, a portable, easy-to-setup device, can take that extra step for us to ensure our joints and muscles stay in a healthy condition.

In conclusion, joint problems can greatly affect our daily lives and it's important to track our joint health to ensure proper recovery. Pheezee is a device that uses scientific data-based methods to track ROM and EMG, providing accurate information for joint recovery. It is suitable for a variety of orthopaedic surgeries and conditions. Compared to traditional methods, Pheezee’s data-driven approach provides a more effective way to monitor progress, and the mobile app makes it easy to visualize and track improvements over time. Overall, Pheezee is an innovative device that can help individuals take control of their joint health and recovery.

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