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Reasons why Pheezee is a better alternative compared to other devices in the market




Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is a healthcare profession that focuses on the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of movement disorders and physical impairments. The traditional devices and tools used in the industry to measure joint range of motion, muscle activity, and other factors have limitations that make it difficult to assess patients' conditions accurately. This essay will compare traditional physiotherapy assessment devices to the Pheezee device, a new technology that aims to improve the accuracy and efficiency of physiotherapy assessments.



One of the traditional measurement scales used in physiotherapy assessments is Manual Muscle Testing (MMT). This test requires the physiotherapist to manually create resistance against the patient's movement while they attempt to contract a specific muscle. However, the accuracy of MMT is highly dependent on the skill level of the physiotherapist. Additionally, it is difficult to detect small movements in MMT. In comparison, the Pheezee device uses EMG together with its patented technology to measure muscle activity accurately. This evidence-based assessment device can measure microvolt of electric activity with perfect accuracy, making it an excellent alternative to MMT. Pheezee is also able to measure isometric movements accurately, something which MMT cannot measure.

Another traditional device used in physiotherapy assessments is the standard Electromyography (EMG) device. This device is invasive and requires the insertion of needles into the muscle tissue, causing pain and discomfort to the patient. Additionally, the size of the device makes it difficult to record movements in different situations, limiting its use case. The Pheezee device overcomes these limitations by using non-invasive electrodes and with its portability. The device consists of only two modules and electrodes, making a continuous assessment of the patient during various exercises possible without causing any discomfort. Pheezee is also very affordable in comparison to traditional EMG machines, making it an excellent choice for hospitals and therapists alike. Pheezee can generate immediate reports in digital and hard copy, whereas traditional EMG devices take around 90 minutes to generate a report, making it easier for the physiotherapist to diagnose the patient. It also increases patient satisfaction.

The Goniometer is a standard device used to measure the range of motion (ROM) of a joint. However, due to the manual nature of the device, it is prone to errors caused by patient body positioning, placement of the device, or the skill of the practitioner. The device is also very tedious to use, the practitioner must measure each movement and then write down the measurements and again redo the same process, which is not the case for Pheezee, where the patient only must wear the device properly and the measurements will be taken automatically.  Pheezee app which has an extensive library of content available on the placement of the device makes it easy for both the patient and therapist alike to use.

Virtual Reality (VR) technology has become popular in physiotherapy assessments, as it provides an interactive and engaging experience for patients.  VR devices rely on accelerometers and gyroscopes to measure movements but the difference is, that Pheezee has its own patented algorithm which makes its measurement much more accurate and reliable than the devices available in the market. In addition to the accuracy that Pheezee provides, the Pheezee app gives provision to create and track goals like VR and gamified apps. VR devices lack accuracy in the measurement of electrical activity whereas Pheezee can measure electrical pulses together with ROM with accuracy. VR sets are also comparatively more expensive than Pheezee.

In conclusion, traditional physiotherapy assessment devices have limitations that make it difficult to assess patients' conditions accurately. The Pheezee device offers a novel technology that overcomes these limitations by using EMG and its own patented technology to measure muscle activity and ROM with perfect accuracy. This device is portable, easy to use, accurate, and affordable, making it an excellent choice for hospitals and therapists who want to improve the quality of care they provide to their patients

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