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11 months ago

Pheezee : A revolutionary road to Digitized Physiotherapy


The requirement of physiotherapy services across the world is on a constant rise, and the industry faces a huge gap in demand v/s supply. Added to this, issues like financial challenges, logistics, and access to the therapy centers, deprive the needy of adequate care. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services are of a high-involvement nature and care is delivered one-to-one and in-person, which poses a challenge for this industry to scale. There is a critical need for innovations that can make this industry more accessible to the consumers and facilitate in minimizing the gap between supply and demand.

Digitization or technology is what could be regarded as a facilitator that connects all stakeholders in the value chain to plan and deliver holistic care. Patient education and patient self-management are key components of rehabilitation. This is where digital applications can sustainably support desirable behavior changes through clear objectives, interactive learning content, feedback functions, and social reinforcement.

In the age of technology, motor-assisted rehabilitation is increasingly finding its way into training sessions. Pheezee is a classic paradigm of where physiotherapy meets digitization. A well accommodated therapy assistant intended to accelerate self-guided therapy units in the future, Pheezee encourages motor and sensory stimulation to make the process of rehabilitation more effective and sustainable.

Pheezee brings the most up-to-date treatment methods with a large screen based user friendly interface and selection of useful clinical indications, a logical control system that simplifies treatment choices and the service that fulfills both biofeedback and virtual reality stipulation. The device not only carries out an accurate depot of all exercises records of a patient, it is also enabled as PheezeeHome : an android application by which all the therapy sessions that a patient wants to avail, they can attain from their homes via video calling.

Patients are now aware and increasingly dependent on digital sources of information, so providing them with the right and customized resources via digital platforms expedite faster adoption of the care plans, add value to their recovery and improve outcomes. Digital systems should be smart enough to continuously learn and update, which is possible only with a continuous feedback mechanism paired with smart machine learning algorithms, something which Pheezee is prone to.

A combination of precise monitoring using wearable, smart devices, and availability of the right information digitally, therapists can set and monitor goals of each patient which also helps patients become more receptive to therapy and confident about the rehabilitation programs. The real-time assistance and feedback provides the patient with a subjective sense of improvement.

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