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Female physiotherapists play an important role in the medical field.


Suppose you're hospitalized, you'll want to have qualified medical professionals around you, but does it matter if your doctor is a female or a male?

It might.

Both male and female medical representatives have their own implications in terms of approach. But female health professionals are said to spend more time with patients, provide more patient-centred care and care with an empathic focus. 

Also, studies show that in physiotherapy both men and women feel more comfortable with women assisting and treating them.

The reason behind it is that female doctor are more likely to adhere to clinical guidelines and provide more frequent preventive care than their male counterparts.

The physiotherapy profession has always been dominated by females historically. 

But over the decades this has slowly changed. Physician gender is thought to affect the physician-patient relationship and its outcomes.

A women-led physiotherapist plays a very important role, especially in pregnancy.

Pregnancy is said to be the dreamiest phase in a women's life. However, this overwhelming phase involves its own share of tensions and stress.

With multiple complications throughout the body, women can go through common problems like lower back pain, the severity of injuries, weakness of the pelvic floor muscles and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to name a few. Physiotherapy is proven to offer a symptomatic cure to all of them and help pregnant women get relief from the discomfort.

A woman led-physiotherapy can help in the patient being comfortable to share her issues and being understood by the therapist.

Though female health care representatives have advantages that are multifold, the female-dominated professions in health care are not as powerful as the male-dominated medical profession.

It is said that physiotherapy developed as a profession for middle-class women and that the history of physiotherapy is the history of the middle-class female profession.

However, the gender breakdown of physiotherapy programmes shows a very significant change over time.

70% female students and 30% male students was the female to male ratio of students taking up physiotherapy as a profession in 2009/10.

Fast forward ten years from then, the academic year 2019/20 shows 59% female students and 41% male students as the change in the ratio.

Undoubtedly the profession of physiotherapy requires the skill of understanding and women are said to have better patient outcomes in understanding their patient’s needs compared to their male peers. 

We all know some strong women either we have been raised by them, married to them, or work with them.

Acknowledging the day to show how much importance women play in our life!

Wishing a Happy International Women's Day today from Oremus & family.

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