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Master Health Checkup For Your Movements

Ever noticed that the joint aches and muscle problems creep up suddenly one day? The truth is that it does not happen overnight. Sadly joint and muscle tests were never a part of your master health checkup, and hence never identified.

We provide solutions to identify movement related problems early, leading to pain-free life.

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Get The Answers You Need During Your Recovery Journey

Are you suffering from pain and is it impacting your work and life? Are you worried whether your treatment is helping you recover well?

We provide well proven solution to monitor your recovery which shows even the tiniest of improvement during your physiotherapy treatment to ensure you walk home with confidence, like never before.

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You can count on the outcome measures


Our technology - Pheezee

Pheezee transforms the unorganized physiotherapy sector into an organized one by documenting, standardizing and digitizing the physiotherapy practice.

You can keep a timely check of your joints and muscles health by monitoring your movement health. Help yourself to stay fit and independent for all your daily activities.

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Pheezee Premium

Introducing PHEEZEE Premium – Elevate your clinic experience with our brand-new addition! Immerse yourself in professionalism with sleek packaging designed for effortless portability.

Unleash efficiency with the Bluetooth Printer, allowing instant post-assessment prints. The dedicated tablet exclusively for PHEEZEE ensures a seamless and tailored experience. Elevate your clinic standards with PHEEZEE Premium – Where Innovation Meets Professionalism!

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You can use Pheezee on all major joints


Check the mobility of scapular region and know your recovery journey.


Assess radial and ulnar wrist pain etc and provides detailed report on it.


Get detailed assessment over the forearm recovery process through automatic generated reports


Get to know detailed assessment of lateral elbow pain, Lateral epicondylalgia etc and see the recovery tangibly


Know your recovery for Spinal cord injury and get to know the tiniest details of recovery. This will be helpful in reducing emotional distress too.


Easen the recovery process by providing detailed assessment of Hip osteoarthritis or chronic arthritis etc


Comparing knee assessment at pre-operative and post-operative condition, builds confidence about the effect of electrical muscle simulation ad treatment methods followed during recovery phase.


Monitor and track the ankle sprain irrespective of the fact that whether they are in Inflammatory phase, proliferative phase or early remodelling

A Glowing Endorsement in Pheezee

Building innovative
solutions for health care

Startoon labs is a medical device company founded by IIT and IIM alumnus and headquartered in Hyderabad, India. It has been funded by BIRAC, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India and registered as MSME. Startoon labs has recognized the need for monitoring and tracking device in the physiotherapy field. And they came up with the Pheezee which has completely transformed the physiotherapy field.

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