Are you missing out on your physio sessions?
Don't worry PheezeeHome is here.
PheezeeHome app allows physios and patients
to stay connected even when you are away
PheezeeHome is an app-based platform which
connects the physiotherapists and
patients remotely. The physios can now
schedule the set of exercises from an
elaborate list of preprogrammed exercises
in his app for their patients. And that too
just on click of their mobile phone. This
way they can offer treatment in each nook
and corner of the world.
Know how PheezeeHome benefits both Physiotherapists & Patients

PheezeeHome is an application that lets the physiotherapists and their patients to remain in a regular contact. The physiotherapists can prescribe the exercises to their patients virtually using our platform. And the patients can easily perform their sessions whenever they get time. The platform also provides the calling feature so the patients can avail instant consultation from their personal physiotherapist as and when required. The physiotherapists, too can keep regular talk sessions with their patients to keep a track of their recovery. Our PheezeeHome provides the following:
  •   Digital therapy sessions
  •   Daily analysis of the sessions completed by the patients
  •   Consolidated reports about the recovery of a patient
  •   Provision to share compliments with the patients
Online consultation

With the ongoing modernization & increasing competition, it becomes quite difficult for the working class to go for a physiotherapy session at a clinic leaving behind the hustle and bustle of life. Thus, they constantly miss out on their sessions which leads to a prolonged patients’ recovery duration. Also, patients with major injuries cannot step out of their homes regularly for a session. And in turn, it affects the business of a physiotherapist too.
  •   Thus, the physiotherapists can provide online consultations to their patients.
  •   They can relish the experience of work from home.
  •   They can provide their services in any part of the world.
  •   This can make their business prosper on a large scale and that too, in a short span.
Schedule exercises from the Library

For the very first time, the physiotherapists can schedule the patients’ sessions virtually without any hassle.
  •   All you need to do is assign the exercises to your clients from the list of our preprogrammed exercises.
  •   You can personalize the load, reps, sets, and pace according to the requirement of different patients.
  •   Not only this, but you can also keep a track of their progress, whether they have finished their sessions timely or not.
  •   Apart from this, you can even modify or delete the exercises in the sessions if you wish to.
Digital therapy sessions using PheezeeHome app

As soon as the physiotherapist schedules a session, the patient gets an instant notification about the schedule. And then he can choose to do the exercises at his own convenience instead of taking the hassle of visiting the physio clinic. Also, at the end of the session, the patients can provide their feedback and those are closely monitored by the physiotherapist.
  •   Amid the ongoing pandemic, social distancing is the new norm that we all strictly adhere to. And it is quite difficult for a physio to maintain distancing with the patient.
  •   So, PheezeeHome is a perfect solution to speed up the patients’ recovery without any hindrances.
Get reports

The physiotherapists need to assess their patients regularly to know whether they are recovering or they need to modify something. But, PheezeeHome is a companion for both of them as the app provides consolidated reports on a patients’ recovery rate.
  •   You can check your progress weekly, monthly, and overall reports in the app.
  •   All your progress is tracked and saved on our easy-to-use platform.
  •   The positive reports also keep a patient motivated to work hard.
Share compliments

They say, “Happiness is the best healer”. So, in our PheezeeHome app, if the patients work hard, the physiotherapists can share compliments with them.
  •   This way the patient is both cheered up and relieved.
  •   He feels connected with the physiotherapist as they keep a check on the patient’s health.
  •   And they also believe that they are in safe hands.
Grow your business using PheezeeHome
We know that amid the testing times, physiotherapists are finding it quite hard to make money. But, if you tell your patients about this tele-consultation technique, they’ll probably not want to miss out on this golden opportunity. So, with effective usage of PheezeeHome, the physiotherapists’ business and patients’ recovery are guaranteed. For the first time, physiotherapists can keep a check on the personalized dashboard that shows the analytics of the total patients and sessions of a physiotherapist. Thus, you can plan your business-related and economic activities accordingly.
  •   You can treat multiple patients at a time by sending the sessions.
  •   You can create records for your business.
  •   These reports can serve as a scientific evidence that will help you keep the track of your patients.
PheezeeAdmin App
for Physiotherpists

If you are a physiotherapist who wants to
grow your business with us, download the
app now. Believe us, it’s an easy-peasy app
with a friendly user interface! So, rush to the
Play Store and get our app.

Have a nice day!
PheezeeHome App
for Patients

If you are a patient who wants to perform
physiotherapy sessions from your place at
your convenience, download the app now.
Believe us, it’s an easy-peasy app with a
friendly user interface! So, rush to the Play
Store and get our app.

Have a nice day!

Customise PheezeeHome
for your specific therapy needs

We know that for some patients, physiotherapists need to
add some special exercises for their recovery. And thus,
we believe inproviding you a personal experience for all
your needs. Prescribe your list of exercises to your patients &
we’ll create a personalized library of the exercises that you wish to
recommend to your patients. Get in touch with us to
avail our premium services.

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