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The smart wearable device to monitor and track recovery of patients undergoing physiotherapy
  Applications supported by mobiles, tablets & desktops

Revolutionizing the way Physiotherapy is conducted

Pheezee is a monitoring and tracking device that can track functional recovery of patients undergoing physiotherapy using biofeedback assisting physiotherapists in right diagnosis and treatment, leading to faster recovery.

Wearable Technology meets Physiotherapy

This pocket sized device can be worn during a physiotherapy session to monitor body movements, which when synced with the phone app are analyzed to provide live-monitoring, daily and weekly progress reports.


Know how Pheezee can help patients & Physiotherapists

Pheezee is a wearable device that can be worn by the patient while doing physiotherapy sessions. The device gives a real time biofeedback of range of motion and electromyogram (EMG) of the recruited muscle. The device connects wirelessly to an android phone/tablet to display reports. The physiotherapist can see session wise, week wise, month wise and over all progress report as and when needed.

How it works
Pheezee works by measuring patient’s muscle response to nerve’s stimulation of the muscle via EMG as well as other metrics like Range of Motion, Repetition counting etc. Pheezee provides:
  •   Biofeedback through measuring muscle contractions
  •   Dynamic range of motion measures
  •   Session wise reports
  •   Incremental recovery data
  •   Prompts when patient reaches targets
  •   Report generation and sharing with doctors & care takers
  •   Remote monitoring when patient is not in rehab
Who is this for?

  Valuable data for Doctors

  Orthopaedic surgeons





  Pain therapists

 Beneficial for Patients

  Neurological disorders

  Musculoskeletal disorders

  Sports injuries

  Genetic disorders

  Undergoing physiotherapy

Scientific Evidence for Pheezee
Pheezee’s revolutionary technology is meant to change how physiotherapy rehabilitation works forever. The proof of its effectiveness has been clinically tested and the uniqueness of the offering is proven by the patent pending technology.

Our researchers have presented a paper at IFASCON 2019 conference 32nd Indian foot and ankle society conference titled:

“Reliability of smart wearable device Pheezee versus other traditional devices in a podiatric setting: a comparative study”

In this paper, we describe the methods and experiments done on healthy subjects to measure the range of motion (ROM) of the ankle while performing exercises in real-time using a novel wearable device, PHEEZEE, a product of Startoon Labs. Pheezee is equipped with an onboard ARM microcontroller and motion sensors for data acquisition and processing to measure the range of motion. Pheezee consists of two modules, one to be worn above the ankle and the other below the ankle. The device is connected wirelessly with an android phone to measure ROM in real time while exercising. The device has the least count of 1 degree for ROM measurement. Tests were done on 20 healthy subjects to measure ROM while performing dorsiflexion and plantar flexion. The results were compared with a traditional CE certified goniometer and digital goniometer app, Goniometer Records (released by Indian Orthopaedic Research Group) and found an accuracy of 96% for ROM measurements. Thus, it is concluded that, unlike the traditional devices to measure static ROM, Pheezee can be used to measure dynamic ROM accurately for foot and ankle movements.

Reliability and Validation

DESIGNED AS PER International Electrotechnical Commission standards (IEC).



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