Internship experience @ Startoon Labs

Author: Haaris Mohsin Moosa

Education: B.Tech, ECE, VIT, Chennai

Position: Embedded Engineer Intern

This is what Haaris has to say about his experience at Statoon Labs as an Intern:

My expectations while applying:

When I first saw this opening in internshala, I applied right away because there are rarely any openings for entry-level candidates for embedded engineer profile. After opening the company’s website I was really intrigued by their inventions. From looking at their website I was assuming that I would have to develop application programs for their specific board and develop projects on it. It was also mentioned that they have an R&D department as well so I was really looking forward to work on it.

Interview experience:

I was interview by Suresh sir and we talked about my final year project. It was fun and was like having a conversation based on technology. After that he started digging deep and things got a little bit complicated. I was asked about how I would approach the problem if I had to write a library for a simple analog to digital converter on an MSP430G2 microcontroller. He gave me the schematics of the analog to digital converter of the MSP430G2 and asked me how I would begin. In this process Suresh sir was trying to bring out the answers from me, it was like I knew how things work but I couldn’t connect the dots, it was really nice of Suresh sir that he was helping me realize what I had to do.

Why did I choose?

The reason why I chose Startoon labs was based on many reasons. The company is all about its founders and the founders of Startoon labs are all unique and bring their own diverse knowledge and experience into it. Suresh sir has worked in different sectors of the industry, Mythreyi ma’am has worked in top-notch companies in electronics and Chandrakanth sir has a lot of expertise in robotics and teaching.

Apart from that I really liked the idea of making and developing products in India. Almost every electronic item is imported from other countries. India has the capability to build such products but due to lack of awareness and knowledge about the underlying process that happens when you make your own product, everyone settles for importing it instead. This company has a clear vision of where it stands and what kind of change they want to bring in the electronics sector.

Startoon labs also focus on education, which is what required at this moment. India produces around 1.5 million engineers every year yet only a few of them are employable, the reason for this is poor quality education. There is no one to tell the students how to bridge the gap between college and professional work. Our education system was introduced back in the industrial era which was designed to make candidates who are fit for work in the factories. They follow their teacher and do the specific task provided by their teacher in a specific way which is what exactly how the factory works. But we are no longer living in the industrial era, everything is updated and there are breakthrough technologies happening every minute. The current education system needs to change and companies like Startoon labs will help students to understand the essence of studying electronics and bridge this gap between the college and professional world.

Learning at Startoon labs:

After joining Startoon labs there was a lot of ground to cover, Startoon labs gave me the opportunity and platform to learn and discover about the latest technologies being used in the market. I was exposed to many new concepts and in a much more practical way on how to implement them. Solving problems keeping in mind with constraints faced in the real world in terms of both technical aspects and in business aspects which is something I doubt anyone would be exposed to as a fresher. Startoon labs understands the process involved when someone has to learn new things and implement them and were very supportive of it. At times they might not have the direct answer to a particular problem but they can surely guide us on how to approach the problem and in that process, we get a better grasp on that particular topic.

Work culture and team:

The work culture over here is amazing. Suresh Sir constantly keeps us motivated by showing us new complex technologies from around the world and breaks it down into simple a block which is really amazing when you think of it. There is no monotonous routine, everyone is open to help you and even if they are busy they make time out of their schedule to help you out. It’s a fun working culture everyone laughs around now and then and also sometimes gives meaningful life lessons based on their experience. Chandrakanth sir, in particular, knows how a naive mind works because as a fresher some of the things might be confusing for the first time which seems obvious to someone already working in the industry only because they have become so much familiar with the subject matter.

What would you suggest for others who apply:

For those who apply for this company, my advice to you is to have a strong grasp on your basics, know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Be self-motivated because at the end of the day motivation and desperation is what that thrives you to achieve something and separates you from the rest.