The Complete
IOT development platform.

Develop prototypes in the fields of wireless data acquisition, data logging, visualization, remote monitoring/ control of machines with ease! Remember, It is opensource and Arduino compatible.


Slabs-32 is a microcontroller based board using the powerful combination of an 8 bit microcontroller- Atmega328P and Tensilicas’s 32 bit L106 diamond series microcontroller. This board combines the high processing capabilities of 32 bit microcontroller L106 and numerous GPIOs available for HMI on the Atmega328p. With I2C as interprocessor communication, Slabs-32 board facilitates a combination of processing power and sufficient GPIOs for all your complex protoyping needs. The board has built-in Wi-Fi support, a USB port for programming and debugging, a SD card slot, 5 analog inputs, 12 GPIOs (few having PWM capability) and an 8 MHz crystal. It has on board LEDs for indication of power and bidirectional serial data transfer. There is one independent reset switch and one user programmable interrupt button each for both the microcontrollers onboard.

The Slabs-32 distinguishes itself from other IoT development boards by having a high resolution TFT to display the data acquired data in real time. The data can also be stored in the SD card (Not included in the kit) and simultaneously be pushed to the web-server for further analysis and display at a remote location. Slabs32 can be programmed using Arduino IDE.

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